Here's me and Wargasm standing around in Durotar. He made the observation of us looking like an Angel and Devil when we stand next to eachother due to our transmogs, so I had to grab a screenshot, lol. S O B to 1800 and beyond? 
Honeypants aka Mogoholic has totally revamped her site! I checked it out yesterday and absolutely love it. Being that she is one of the biggest inspirations for this website, I must direct you all to her page. Her closet and ideas are never-ending, and she's constantly making me strive to look fabulous, lol. So please be kind enough to check out her page! CLICK IT >>> Mogoholic <<<
While being trolley, a friend and I decided to head over to to the MoonGuard RP server to see what was poppin on a Friday night. I've been here before, since I have friends from Dragonmaw who transfered here but the crowd was on a whole other level this night. LOL. 
OMG! OMG! I almost can't believe it! After months and months, of running Karazhan on all of the alts that are capable of solo'ing the Huntsman, I finally got the Fiery Warhorse Reins! YAY. Now what?! ha. 
I recently rekindled a friendship with an old friend from my former server. He and I pretty much did everything together until a certain point where it just stopped for certain reasons that he and I sorted out a few nights ago. I credit him for teaching me tons about this game and helping my struggling hunter get by until I learned the ropes. For a long while, I thought of him, hoping the world (in and out) was treating him well, and so far it looks like it has. We've both done so much growing and I'm really looking forward to the future and making new memories with him. Thank goodness for Cross-Realm groups, and me having an Alliance Warrior! /hug Palahume :) <3
Here's my BFF Saitek and myself doing what we do best: Lookin good & feelin good. I'm hating on him though, cause he has the Elite Cataclysm PVP gear from last season. Boo :( 
My bestest Alliance friend, Fiftydkpmins had luck strike twice for him in the same damn night!! Lucky bastard got the mount from Onyxia ANDDDDDDD Ashes of Alar from Tempest Keep!! I've been farming Onyxia on 4 alts with Saitek ever since he won the mount a few weeks ago (see post below) and I haven't been lucky enough yet! So BIG BIG Grats to Fifty!! "Eat my dust!"
Below are the items that will be Staying as a "Main Hand"
Congratulations are in order to my friend Saitek of <Last Word>!! Saitek and I decided to do some Onyxia 10m runs on our alts.. On our 4th run (which was most likely going to be our last until reset) I brought my Hunter, and Saitek went on his Death Knight! After a little struggle due to Sappsy's lack of DPS (lol), we finally got the Dargon down, and looked at the loots. Amazingly, the mount dropped for us, and after we both Need-Rolled -- he won! I couldn't  be more pumped for him! I don't even know what we both rolled, because I was in such a panic waiting for the results!! LOL. We were literally talking yesterday about what an awesome mount it is!! And to that I say, Blizzard Big Brother is always watching! Congratulations Johnnyboy! LOL. So happy for you! <3