A gabillion thanks going out to Aellin on Ner'Zhul for spottting a Amani Dragonhawk on the Proudmoore server and snagging it up for me! After leveling a DK from 55-60, and being unable to learn the mount, I decided I would mule the DK back to Ner'Zhul with bags full of goodies! After a few (quick) Neutral AH transactions, the mount finally arrived in the bags of my beloved Kimstar. Thank you again Aellin. I'm so thankful to have a friend like you. <3 MWAH!
Haven't updated the site in a few weeks, but I just did today! Be sure to check out the updates in the Fashion Avenue section (Added Azaels and Theronguards mogs). Updated Kimstar's & Kimstarqt's sections as well! Still have to itemize all the pieces I've used so please be patient. That is my least favorite part about this page, lol. 
Season 13 is here and its time to grind! Be sure to cap out all of your Conquest points every week and get that shiney new Tyrannical PVP gear! If you prefer Arenas or RBG's, blood shall spill! 
At the request of Anthraxewow, heres a photo of my 18lb cat who reminds me of Garfield. LOL