Blizzcon tickets went on sale last Wednesday and last Saturday, and I was fortunate enough to grab a set before they sold out on Wednesday night. This will be my 3rd Blizzcon (I've been to 2010 and 2011) and I'm super excited for this year. Thankfully its never a super expensive trip for me, like it is most people. I have an Aunt who lives about 10 minutes from the convention center, so I get to stay with her. Woot! A lot of my Horde guildies from Last Word will be in attendance as well a few friends from the Alliance guild my Shaman is in, Chosen.  Looking forward to checking out the Arena tournaments (definitely my favorite part of Blizzcon), Starcraft tournaments, Q&A panels, Live raid, Costume contest and Dance contest (lol). Wonder who the musical performer will be this year? Hmmmmmmm... Any guesses? ^_^

If you'll be at Blizzcon, let me know! We can talk transmogs and PVP! :) 

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