Logged on my Mage earlier, and I must've popped my Illusion spell before I logged off, cause I logged on looking like Wargasm. Kinda confusing for a minute, I had about 10 seconds left on the 2 minute spell, so I grabbed a screenshot really fast. Ugh, don't mind my Mage's sloppy UI. I still have to level her to 90 and rebind some of her abilities to the new mouse I got for Christmas (Razer Naga, yay!).
2/5/2013 07:31:08 am

It made my day seeing your website and how far into detail you go in your description, you seem like a very kind and spunky person! keep it up!

2/5/2013 09:27:34 am

thanks Fendi! I always enjoy running into people like yourself! :) you make this all worth it! thanks again! xoxo


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