A million thank you's to Saitek. He was kind enough to run Onyxia's Lair with me every week until the mount dropped TODAY! I'm so happy, words cant even describe. It really is one of my favorite mounts in game, and I know that they dramatically increased the drop-rate of it, but now its mine. :) Smiles for miles. Saitek, you're the best. Seriously! <3 Here we are gloating on our super awesome pretty dargon mounts. 
2/27/2013 02:16:05 am

Grats again, Kimstar! This means you never have to go back again, considering you got the sword and the helm on that run. :p BTW, I love the links you put up on Kimstar's page. It is nice for players to be able to say, "Whoa, I never thought of using that." Keep the updates coming! :p


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