Congratulations are in order to my friend Saitek of <Last Word>!! Saitek and I decided to do some Onyxia 10m runs on our alts.. On our 4th run (which was most likely going to be our last until reset) I brought my Hunter, and Saitek went on his Death Knight! After a little struggle due to Sappsy's lack of DPS (lol), we finally got the Dargon down, and looked at the loots. Amazingly, the mount dropped for us, and after we both Need-Rolled -- he won! I couldn't  be more pumped for him! I don't even know what we both rolled, because I was in such a panic waiting for the results!! LOL. We were literally talking yesterday about what an awesome mount it is!! And to that I say, Blizzard Big Brother is always watching! Congratulations Johnnyboy! LOL. So happy for you! <3

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